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The Madonna di Loreto Chaplaincy

The Airport Chaplaincy “Madonna di Loreto” of the “Enrico Forlanini” Airport of Milano-Linate was canonically founded by decree no. 2392 on 19 June 2002 and signed by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who was the Archbishop at the time.

Cardinal Martini, in canonically founding the chaplaincy, considered how “In the last few decades, the role of international airports has undergone a radical transformation, in fact they have become real “squares” in which, although fleetingly, millions of people cross with numerous expectations and needs. Since the beginning, the Church has also wanted to be present in this environment, as unusual as it may be. Furthermore, taking into account the special working conditions, it’s not easy for airline, airport and service personnel, to benefit from the usual pastoral structures which are offered by the Church for the Christian growth of each devotee.”

The religious assistance service that the Church offers at the Civil Airport of Milano-Linate through the activities of the chaplaincy, is aimed, first and foremost, at the Airport’s workers (both ground staff and aircrews). However, the presence of a regularly officiated chapel and an available priest, allow services to be extended to some passengers too.

The Chaplain

Father Fabrizio Martello (2010 - present )
Born in Milan in 1972, he came from the working world before being ordained priest in 2004.

Dal 2004 al 2007     Collaborator for the Youth Ministry of the San Gottardo al Corso Parish in Milano.
Dal 2007 al 2009     Parish Vicar for the Youth Ministry of the Santa Maria Assunta in Turro Parish in Milano.
Dal 2009                   Resident at the Sant’Eugenio Parish in Milano.
Dal 2010 ad oggi      Chaplain of the Airport Chaplaincy “Madonna di Loreto” of the “Enrico Forlanini” Airport of Milano-Linate.

Father Giovanni Tremolada (1985 - 2010)
Born in Cesano Maderno in 1934, he was ordained priest in 1958.

Dal 1958 al 1963       Vice Dean of the Archiepiscopal Seminar of Milan – Venegono Inf. (VA).
Dal 1963 al 1966       Vice Parish Priest at San Giovanni Battista – Busto Arsizio (VA).
Dal 1966 al 1976       Parish Priest at San Giuseppe Artigiano – Bariana di Garbagnate Milanese (MI).
Dal 1976 al 1983       Manager of the Pastoral Care of Tourism for the Archdiocese of Milan.
Dal 1982 al 2001       Collaborator of the Secretariat for the Pastoral Visit of the Archbishop.
Dal 1985 al 2010       Ecclesiastical Consultant for Rai-TV in Milano and Lombardy.
Dal 1985 al 2010       Chaplain of the Airport Chaplaincy “Madonna di Loreto” of the “Enrico Forlanini” Airport of Milano-Linate.
Nel 2010                    Resident at the Santo Stefano Protomartire Parish in Cesano Maderno (MB).

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